Experience the Love, Grace, and Power of Sri Narasimhadev

Paranitya Narasimha Temple
1100 W. Church St. Elmira, NY

May 19-22, 2024
Overnight ashram guest & commuter options available.
Join one or all days! 



Experience the Love, Grace, and Power of Sri Narasimhadev

Paranitya Narasimha Temple
1100 W. Church St. Elmira, NY

May 19-22, 2024
Overnight ashram guest & commuter options available.
Join one or all days! 


about the Yagna and retreat

Celebrate Narasimha through
Sacred Fire Ceremony

Take a moment to connect to your breath. To your heart. To Paranitya Narasimha. Let the warm glow of the fire still your mind, and bring you into the loving presence of the Divine. Offer all thats on your heart to the sacred fire, and relax into the vibration of ancient sanskrit mantras that uplift your consciousness and open your heart. Offer your prayers for your loved ones, for the planet, for humanity.

While the Divine is always present, often our mind gets in the way of us experiencing the peace and tranquility of His presence. But during the yagna, the Lord is right there, in the form of the fire. This sacred connection to the Divine is your gateway to the Love that lays within, waiting to be awakened and expressed.

The yagna allows us to go beyond the mind, and embark on a devotional journey to experience and express our Love for the Divine in every moment.

about yagna

72 Hour Yagna –
Vedic Fire Ceremony

Yagna is an ancient fire ritual that facilitates the transformation of negative energy and patterns that limit our ability to realize our true potential. For thousands of years these fire ceremonies have been an integral part of spiritual transformation, as the fire represents the element of destruction and ultimately rebirth.

In Bhakti Marga, we use yagna to love, praise, and connect with our beloved Lord. Through Grace, this yagna is a way to bring the Lord right in front of us, in the form of a fire, so we can praise Him, Love Him, and give Him ourselves.


about narasimha

Who is Narasimha?

What is Narasimha Chaturdashi?

Narasimha is the fourth Avatar (Divine incarnation) of Maha Vishnu, and the main Deity of the amazing Paranitya Narasimha Temple. He incarnated as our Divine Protector, and the one who is very active in our lives; who is always serving and loving us, helping us to realize who we are, and live a life of Love in service to the Divine.

On Narasimha Chaturdashi, we celebrate the appearance day of Lord Narasimha, over 14,000 years ago. Even after all this time, His Love, Power, Protection, and Grace is intimately available to each one of us.

event overview

What can I expect at the event?

 This incredible event is a a rare opportunity to experience the Love and Grace of Narasimha, receive countless blessings, be with an amazing community of spiritual seekers, and to offer everything to the Divine – the good, bad, and everything in between – to be purified and transformed.

The retreat and yagna will cumulate in a spectacular Maha Abhishekam on all of the temple deities – an amazing ceremony that only happens 1-2x a year and is not to be missed!


Come for the day as a commuter, or immerse yourself in the retreat for a full 3-days of celebration and spiritual awakening while staying in a comfy ashram room. 2 & 4 bed rooms available. 

Linens, toiletries, & vegan/vegetarian meals included in cost. 

Learn about Narasimha

Whether you are learning about Narasimha for the first time, or already have a relationship with Him, this is an opportunity to hear inspiring stories and satsang from the Swamis about this incredible form of the Lord!

Full Abhishekam

A rare and phenomenal Vedic ritual bathing the Deities that only happens 1-2 times each year! Not only are the people present for the ceremony blessed and purified through the abhishekam, but the surrounding area, and the world at large. 

Rockin’ Kirtan

One of the highlights of any event at the Paranitya Narasimha Temple – amazing kirtan and bhajan! Kirtan is the call and response singing of the Divine Names, and is a powerful and fun way to open the heart and feel the presence of the Lord within and around us.

Delicious & Nourishing Food

We are happy to offer all participants simple, nourishing meals during the retreat. Food will be available throughout the day, so whenever you need some warm comforting food, you can come inside and enjoy. And of course – enjoy tons of delicious prasad!

Meditation & Prayer

The cornerstone of life at the Paranitya Narasimha Ashram and Temple is prayer. All will have ample time to be in the temple, pray, meditate, and simply just be. Take the time to be in the presence of the Lord, meditate, and discover the joy that comes from true prayer.

Vedic Chanting

Sanskrit is a powerful, vibrational language which uplifts our consciousness simply by listening. There will be Vedic chanting by the monks throughout the yagna – no need to chant along (unless you want to!) – simple sit back and enjoy the high vibrations.



Temple: 1100 W. Church Street, Elmira, NY

Ashram: 304 Demarest Parkway, Elmira, NY

Visit our Find Us page for more information on getting to the ashram/temple.


There are few places in this world that are soley dedicated to prayer for humanity. At the Paranitya Narasimha Temple and Ashram, the monks pray day and night, creating an incredibly high vibrational atmosphere of Love and positivity for all to soak in.

On the path of Bhakti – prayer takes the form of ecstatic singing, joyful dancing, delicious blessed food, and spiritual inspiration to align you with your highest purpose and authentic self.

Register today to experience it for yourself at the Narasimha Chaturdashi 72 Hour Yagna & Retreat!